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Tappiya Waterfalls : Ifugao, Philippines

The Tappiya Waterfalls are a hidden treasure in the Ifugao province in Philippines. At 700 m a.s.l fed by the tropical forests in high altitude, and reached only on foot […]


Batad Rice Terraces : Ifugao, Philippines

The Batad Rice Terraces were originally built 2000 years ago and have stone walls, unlike others in the region that have mud walls. For centuries, farmers have worked these fields, […]


Tagaytay People’s Park : Cavite, Philippines

The People’s Park in the Sky also known as simply People’s Park is a historical urban park in Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines. Tagaytay People’s Park in the Sky is located in […]


Taal Volcano : Cavite, Philippines

Taal Volcano is part of a chain of volcanoes along the island of Luzon, which were formed by two tectonic plates colliding over 500,000 years ago. Since the formation of […]


Taal Lake : Cavite, Philippines

Taal Lake, lake in southwestern Luzon, Philippines, occupying a volcanic crater with a maximum width of 15 miles (24 km), at less than 10 feet (3 m) above sea level. […]


Mount Sungay : Cavite, Philippines

Mount Sungay, also known as Mount Gonzales, is a mountain in Cavite, Philippines that is a part of the Tagaytay Ridge. If you are not familiar where the hell in […]


Sebu Lake : South Cotabato, Philippines

On board to Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, Philippines, enjoy a thrilling road trip experience via the local transportation known as the habalhabal and enjoy the breathtaking views along the […]


Venado Lake : North Cotabato, Philippines

Venado Lake is located at the foot of Mount Apo in the province of North Cotabato. Mount Apo is the highest mountain in the country with an altitude of 2,954 […]